Painting can really impact your home in a positive way. It creates a fresh, clean canvas which in the end gives your house a newer upgraded look. We have years of experience and can change your home in the simplest way. We mainly focus on exterior painting for commercial or residential sites.

We can paint many types of outdoor material



Vinyl and aluminum siding





This process Is very simple. After contacting us, we will confirm your paint colour, type and details and come up with a thorough plan. Our crew is very efficient and experienced so our clients can be stress-free and leave all the responsibilities to us without worrying.


Exterior Clean Package

500$ – 1000$

Commercial Paackage

500$ – 1000$

Our process

During this first step we make sure each part that is getting painted Is thoroughly pressure washed to get rid of any dirt. If there are any holes or cracks, we cover those up so that our way the paint can go on smoothly

Secondly, we mask of any windows, doors, fixtures or anything that needs to be protected from the paint. We then spray the prime coat on all the surfaces. After the primer is applied, we start the work on caulking and sealing any parts of the house in order to make it waterproof.

Lastly the final coat is applied, which Is the best part because the color comes to life in this stage. We have many methods on applying the paint to ensure it is the smoothest and most vibrant it can be.


Frequently asked questions about painting

The cost of painting really depends on the house itself. The size and material of the house play the biggest role in determining how much it will coat.

Early summer or fall would be the best time to paint the exterior of your house due to temperature and weather. We need to make sure it is dry to paint the outside and not too hot as well that way the paint is durable and long lasting.

No, it is not recommended to use interior paint on the exterior. Exterior paint is made to fight and protect from weather conditions. While interior cannot hold up through those obstacles.

The timeframe of completing the job also depends on the size of the house. We make sure we let you know our time frame before starting the job and ensure you our work is well worthy of the time.

We turn your ideas to reality